Prosolutions III

Prosolutions III

If you have made the effort to try some of the Presolutions that have been mentioned in the first two installments of this series, chances are that you have felt the difference. Rather than the old-fashioned Resolutions that many attempt, and fail, Prosolutions give you something rather than take away something.

Are you getting more sleep? If you haven’t figured out how to get at least 7 hours sleep, but have increased the amount of sleep you are getting, keep after it. You can already feel the differences; increased alertness, more energy, sane and stable reactions to emotions. If you have added meditation to the mix, you are already handling stress much better than you used to.

How about those manners? Please tell us how you are doing in that regard. Have you noticed the difference in your daily interactions? Are people nicer to you? Of course they are!  They can’t help but be nice to someone as nice as you.

All of these things are something you are giving yourself. As time goes on, they become life-long habits that improve your life. Today, we are going to add a few more things to your life.

Increase the amount of protein you eat in the morning. Make a chicken happy by consuming eggs – which are packed with protein. In a rush? Try a protein shake. The trick is to eat protein rather than carbs. We have become a society on-the-go, and as such, we tend to pack on the carbs that can increase your hunger for more carbs even as it increases your waistline.

When you eat protein, your body doesn’t need that mid-morning snack – typically something that is loaded with carbs or sugar. Protein reduces the desire for carbs and gives you that shot of energy that will last until lunch. Many people find that eating protein helps them to lose weight because they don’t fall victim to the cravings.

Next …. Read. Make time to read and you will never be sorry. Try to give yourself 30-45 minutes a day to read a good old-fashioned book (or two). Think about how much time you surf or watch one of the zillions of shows available to us today. When you read a book (or books) of your own choosing, you are controlling what you put into your mind.

If you make time to read, you are likely to choose a book that is meaningful or useful to you. A great story or a DIY book adds to your life while you choose what your mind is ingesting. When you spend hours on the web or watching television, you are playing someone else’s tune rather than your own. Put your foot down and pick up a book. Show them who’s boss.

Studies have shown that an occupied mind is a healthier mind. You are able to focus better, especially with all that sleep, and you are happier. All this is a result of choosing to read a classic, a romantic novel or even a comic (graphic novel)book rather than the constant bombardment of put-your-money-in-a-mattress clips that popped-up on your screen.

More sleep, being more relaxed, having more energy, being better educated and exhibiting pleasant mannerisms are low-cost alternatives to some of those ridiculous resolutions you used to make. The result is a happier and healthier 2016. Now get out there and enjoy it!

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