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How are those New Year Prosolutions working out for you so far? If you have begun to give yourself the gifts of better rest and treating yourself better – you certainly must be feeling the effects about this time. If you have slipped, no worries – that is the great part about this – just start where you left off and make a little more time for yourself.

The whole point about doing Prosolutions is to treat yourself better than you did last year. Remember, you are one of a kind! If you have gone from 5 hours sleep to 6 hours, that is an improvement and the benefits only get better the more you practice. Keep at it!

Isn’t giving yourself the pleasantries of more sleep and time for peaceful meditation much more enjoyable, more doable, than trying to lose 20 pounds immediately? You are adding things to your life – not taking something away in some drastic act.

It might be time to add a few more things to your life – more Prosolutions for you. These are equally as pleasant as more sleep and relaxation.

Do you have five or ten minutes to spare? Try spending that time writing in a daily journal. Try at least five minutes but no more than ten. The act of writing events and feelings down has a number of amazing effects. Think of it as free therapy, saving you hundreds of dollars that you can $pend on yourself and your family later on.

Putting pen (or pencil) to paper allows you to focus on what happened in your life today. It will give you a feeling of gratitude because you take the time to think about the things that you are grateful for. It allows you to recognize the true value of you!

Placing a time limit on journaling will eventually help you focus quicker – getting down to business instead of rehashing all the events of the day in your mind. This is important because the object is to help you quickly unload your thoughts, spending only enough energy on them to put them on paper – not to relive them.

Please remember the next Prosolution. Remember your manners! Practice them regularly. Start with two simple words – Please and Thank You. Remembering to add these two words to your vocabulary does amazing things – internally and externally.

When you say please, you are remembering that you are addressing another human being. They are equal, not a slave, and everyone should be treated as such. It changes the tone of all interactions. By adding Please to your vocabulary, you change the way that you think about others …. and yourself.

Thank you gives you many of the same satisfactions and rewards as Please. When you say Thank You, you are showing gratitude toward others. As this phrase generally takes place at the end of a transaction or encounter, you guarantee that you are thought of in a much better way. You also feel differently about yourself when you are gracious rather than ungrateful.

Plus, you generally get better service. Can’t say too much about how that can improve your life.

By adding these two simple things to your life – journaling and manners – you begin to drastically change your day to day environment. This is done by giving these things to yourself rather than taking something away. You are sure to be a success when you give yourself these Prosolutions.

Thank you – Please enjoy your time practicing these Prosolutions!

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