New Years Resolutions

Proactive Resolutions for the new year.

Stop and think about how former New Years Resolutions worked out for you.  How long did it take to go back to the old habits?

Did you ever lose twenty pounds on January 2nd?  Were you able to stop drinking alcohol for the entire year  on that first day of the new year?  Of course not, because many resolutions that are made are not well thought out.  resolution garden

Not that these are bad ideas, mind you.  Excessive weight, too much alcohol or smoking cause serious health problems.  The success rate for people who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day going to zero smoking because of a resolution is pretty low.

The main reason for this is you are taking away something that you have done for years, then abruptly stopping this activity.  There is a big hole in your life where the habit used to be.  There needs to be an active plan to replace these old habits with new ones, otherwise we must go back to our old habits.

That is not what this particular blog is about.  If a grand lifestyle change is desired, find help.  There are plenty of support groups that are free or very low-cost.

This blog is about making the types of resolutions that stick.  Presolutions.  For many, a resolution is a wish for change.  I am going to point out some changes that you can easily make that replace old habits or fill the voids.

Nature abhors a vacuum.  When a vacuum is discovered, nature – naturally feels obligated to fill it – sometimes at your expense.

Many resolutions are directed toward health and well-being.  Bravo!  There is only one of you and you should take the utmost care of yourself.  One of our more common resolutions is centered around getting in shape, many times resulting in filling the void with expen$ive objects like exercise equipment and/or health club memberships.  You are tethered to $omething new.

Perhaps you are so determined to succeed that you go to a day spa, hire a masseuse or even a personal trainer.  That can add up in a hurry.  It may relieve some stress but comes with a stressful price tag.

Here are some excellent Presolutions to try. They cost nothing and yield quick results.

Get 7 or more hours sleep each day.  Early to bed, early to rise!  bears in bed




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Make time for meditation each day.  For some, yoga is an alternative.

These two simple, no-cost Presolutions yield immediate results.  Getting proper sleep improves attention, lets your brain re-charge and gives you more energy that leads to better efficiency.   You can lose weight just by doing this one small (pleasant) thing.

Fifteen minutes of meditation brings with it loads of relaxation and a sense of well-being.  These two lifestyle modifications lead to happier thoughts! These two small things are easy to do, they require no sign-up fees or assembly.  Best of all, the benefits are immediate.


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