American Muscle Car south central states tour Part III

American Muscle Car south-central states tour Part III

One irrefutable fact is that you cannot drive across Texas in one day – without incurring the wrath of a number of law enforcement agencies.  One thing I am certain is not on my bucket list is tarnishing my driving record or worse.

Lubbock to Austin can be negotiated by a number of routes.  I simply had to say I had been to Abilene, I have flown over it many times and heard of the town on screen and song.  Even as I write, melodies course through my noggin that have not been thought of for a long, long time. dsci0192-medium[1] Actually, without a lot of time to spend, it was much anticipation over nothing – the logical roadway skirts the actual town.  What Festus would say about that is your guess.

Approaching Austin, towns with names like Lometa and Lampasas came and went.  So many towns, so little time.  Soon, I was approaching Round Rock and within the Austin metro area.  To say it was a challenge for a non-native satellite-less sojourner might be an understatement.  Once again I managed to bless the ancestry of the designers, only to realize that I really brought this on myself.

Stopping for gas, I managed to ask some locals about getting around without incurring tolls and the answer was ‘I never go down there’ or ‘I haven’t tried that since they built the new toll way’.

Business done but taking much longer than anticipated, I set out for Brenham.  After wandering lost in the countryside for another hour, I found kindness in a country store – obviously a local.  Bluebell steerOn the proper road, I settled down to enjoy a surprisingly peaceful evening drive.  After finding the proper subdivision for my son’s house, I quickly forgot my troubles and enjoyed the grandchildren.  Life is good.

Next day, I had an early start with the grandchildren again, finally tearing myself away for a tour of the campus of Blinn College.  Camera in hand, I was shown the new and the old parts of the campus.  Brenham has a long history and is rightfully proud of it’s college. SAM_0585

Established in 1883, the school has a long and rich heritage.  If only some of those road designers had taken the time to get an education.

Leaving late in the day, I opted to take a more northerly route back to Lubbock.  Heading toward Waco, I settled into marveling at the richness of our country.  Having spent a lot of time in the Dallas area, I had forgotten the diversity of Texas.  The miles rolled on.

Abilene was no better in the dark.  With a late arrival in Lubbock, a quick bite supplanted looking for another BBQ delight and a hot shower washed the miles off.  Mission objective had been accomplished but the mission was far from completion.



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