American Muscle Car Road Trip Part II

Bucket List – American Muscle Car Tour Part II.

Many things can be said about ‘stopping and smelling the roses’ and I would have liked to have shot a couple of rolls of film in Durango, yet I barely glimpsed the city.  It was just a beautiful day to be on the road.  Honestly, I had hopes of being near to Austin by evening, to get a jump on Monday.

Not gonna happen.

This section of God’s world is spectacular, without a doubt.  I was soon mesmerized by the scenery.  I had not intended to stop until Albuquerque but I hadn’t factored in a place called Aztec, New Mexico.  On a chilly Sunday morning, you can bet I had the entire street to myself.  I almost resisted the urge to stop but then realized this moment was not coming around ever again.

With cameras in hand, I parked in the middle of town, shooting and walking like some old-time desperado in a spaghetti western.  SAM_0536The buildings dated back to the turn of the (last) century.  Having spent an entire year documenting Utah towns of the same era, I giggled in delight as I recognized the patent-plate for a store-front manufacturer located in St. Louis that evidently made many a store front for the American west.

Feel free to try to guess the odds of me photographing store fronts made in St Louis and ending up in Aztec and Panguitch.  I literally hit the photographer’s lottery!      Aztec New Mexico


It’s the little things.


Back on the road, gleefully storing that improbable memory away for future blogs.  Next stop Albuquerque, which seemed to come fast.  I contemplated taking Route 66 but came to my senses when I realized that I could hook up to an honest-to-God American Freeway and perhaps make up some time.  Which I did, problem is New Mexico is a pretty large piece of real estate.  Nice (but long) drive.  At the Texas border I realized that I wasn’t going to make it to Austin and instead put Abilene in my sights.

oil and cotton

Gas in Texas is cheap!  It’s a good thing because everything in Texas is far away.  By the time I hit Lubbock I was ready to call it a night.  Each and every day I encountered kindness and helpful people.

It seemed like everyone in Lubbock was over-friendly and that made my decision.  Another hot shower soothed my nerves and being in the land of real Texas BBQ didn’t hurt either.

Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Enjoy!    vlcsnap-2015-11-29-13h58m28s442

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