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Senator Fred Thompson passed away today.  He served in the United States Senate, ran for President in 2008, served as an attorney during the Watergate hearings, was an actor and an outstanding American.  Here are a few of his quotes.

“The people I knew and the experiences I had in that little town formed the prism through which I have viewed the world, and they shaped the way I have dealt with events throughout my life,” he wrote of his hometown Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, in his 2010 memoir, “Teach the Pig to Dance.”

“A man who lives a full life and at the end of the day thinks exactly the way he thought about things much earlier on is pretty much a hapless guy, in my estimation,” Thompson told National Review in 2007.

“This country has shed more blood for the freedom of other people than all the other nations in the history of the world combined, and I’m tired of people feeling like they’ve got to apologize for America,” Thompson said at the Iowa State Fair in 2007.

“I thought that standing on the Senate floor, engaging in a great debate and making a difference was the pinnacle of political activity,” he told People in 1985. “The more I’ve seen it, the less interested I am.”

“After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood,” he said in a speech before the Commonwealth Club of California.

“Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I’ll be deleting them off my server as soon as I check them for classified information.”  2015 quote.

“Obama admin declares it’s moving to investigate the death of Cecil The Lion. I’m sure Ambassador Stevens’ family noted the sad irony”  2015 quote.

“Watergate was not a monumental shock to my system,” Thompson, who helped investigate the Nixon scandal, told People in 1985. “Once you have practiced law and been involved in politics, you are not disabled by the discovery that people—even good people—do bad things.”

“Some of our folks went to Washington to drain the swamp and made partnership with the alligators instead.”

“Global warming experts are saying that sea levels could rise 20 feet. Apparently their strategy for surviving this is to stand on top of a pile of government research grant money.”

Thank you Senator Thompson.

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